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and the Season changes…………

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

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As we roll from one season to the next we should take time to take a few notes as to the past season…….. Sometimes in a moment of fogginess…… I think I will be able to remember the results I had with the various crops I sowed and transplanted, but alas by the time spring time comes around my mind has gone blank and I am left scratching behind my ear….. In short……MAKE A FEW NOTES OR DOCUMENT THE PAST SEASON GARDEN IN THE COMPUTER……… As to chores that could still be possibly ahead……. Dormant Sprays on the fruit trees…….. Copper Spray on the lilacs that failed to bloom….. application of weed and grass pre-emergent to all flower and landscape beds…….. fertilize all of our beds (garden, flower, landscape) as this is the VERY BEST TIME OF THE YEAR……. Our private label “Cold Climate” blended organic fertilizer I would highly recommed at the rate of 1 cup per foot of height of plant….. as for the Veggie garden…… 25# per 250 sq ft topped over with at least 3″ OF ORGANIC COMPOST……. this proceedure also works well with your annual flower beds…….. the 3 inches of compost will help in suppressing winter time weed encroachment.

If you have a fish pond I might remind you that once all the leaves have fallen it would be a good idea to vacumn the pond bottom to lessen the impact of decomposing organic matter, thus the poisoning effect it will have on your fish….. We offer a good vacumn that we rent if you are interested…. we also have a Pond O Vac that sells for about a $110 if you are into owning your own tools…. If you are still feeding your fish make sure it is a Wheat Germ based food to reduce the amount of protein your fish are getting.

Side Dress all asparagus, berries and rhubarb plants with about 10 cups of Cold Climate plus 3″ of compost prior to putting them to bed for the winter…… If you are one of the luck ones that are having luck with growing artichokes make sure to HEAVILY MULCH WITH STRAW to ensure a possible return come the spring of 2014

Looking for a little Spring color next year…………. Plantings of tulip and daffodils bulbs should give you GREAT results. These plus many other Spring flowering bulbs are still available but I suggest you don’t wait any longer or the season will have passed you by. GREAT plants for spring color should include Flowering Quince, Lilacs, select Spireas, and Rhodies. All are still in stock and ready to go home with a smiling gardener! Flowering Crabapples, Service Berry, and ornamental Plums make GREAT trees to show off the emerging Spring season and NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO PLANT……Guaranteed….

GMO Free Organic Seeds

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

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As in past years Redmond Greenhouse is ready for all your early garden and landscape needs……. “Seed Savers Exchange” as well as “Baker Creek” seed racks are now in and filled with my personnel selections for our unique cold climate “High Desert” area….. These are the only two seed companies that I am aware of that “Guarantee” they are GMO free if this is of interest to you. We also have filled our rack with our favorite Oregon seed company…… “Nichols”. As with other racks at Redmond Greenhouse the offerings are hand picked by yours truely (Doug Stott) lending over 40 years of gardening experience……. The time is now and the selection is pretty darn good….. Hope to see you soon…… doug

Autumn Garden News Calendar

Wednesday, October 31st, 2012

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Falling Autumn Leaves Calander   2012

           Garden beds which had unusually high numbers of insects including root maggots could be treated with our Hi-Yield permethrin based “Garden Dust” or organic Diatomaceous Earth after all harvesting has been completed. Apply according to directions. This application will have all winter to work into the soil thus killing many of the larva and eggs so your garden will have fewer problems in 2010. Although nothing has been proven I might also like to advocate the application of organic “Neem Seed Meal” as a possible treatment for pesky bugs as well. Many of our customers are reporting great results with this unique product. Primarily used as an organic supplemental nutrition a cross use has emerged due to its know properties as a known fungicide/insecticide.

Dormant oil sprays as well as lime sulfur solutions should be applied to fruit trees, berries, and roses just as the leaves are beginning to fall. Then another application should be applied sometime the end of January first part of February when the winter weather gives us a break of warm temperatures above freezing. Mark these times in your computer calendar to remember. It is also time to apply Copper Spray to lilacs as well as other disease prone plants. Make sure to include a surfactant to assure better results. We are introducing a “New” organic product called Actinovate as a possible alternative to commonly used synthetic products. This particular introduction not only controls via surface contact but as a systemic (soaking into the roots) as well…… We are excited about this product!

Any winterizing mulch should NOT be done until there is frost in the ground. This ensures that the plant has gone completely dormant and will not seal in any warm autumn  soil conditions. Our recommendation for mulch is Shredded Hemlock or our “manure free” organic compost which insulates roots and adds valuable humidity during the sometimes dry arid winters. Straw will also give good insulating values but is a tad messy. All of these products will allow the plant to breath and not suffocate the soil. A good mulching is probably the best insurance  you can give your plants that are less than three years old!

Some of the plants to mulch include Roses, new plantings you made this year, rhodys & azaleas, Japanese Maples, and other more tender perennials you may have recently planted.

Mulching with our organic Garden Compost (Weed & Manure Free) around Berries, asparagus, and Rhubarb is also a very worthwhile step. We believe it to be the BEST Compost in the Pacific Northwest !!! We sell it in bulk (save money) or convenient value packed bales.

Fertilizing this time of the year  is a GREAT idea. We recommend our “Cold Climate” for all your landscape/garden beds and our organic pelleted “Cascade Natural”, “Natures Intent”, or Bio-Turf for your lawns. Chemical fertilizers tend to increase the incidence of Turf Problems (Snowmold/Thatch/Fairy Ring, Etc.). I cannot stress enough, the importance of this time of the year for applying organic nutrition to ALL OF YOUR LANDSCAPE PLANTS, EMPTY BEDS, AND LAWNS.

As you plant your tulips, daffodils, crocus, and other fall planted “Spring Flowering Bulbs” we suggest you add liberal amounts of organic compost as well as our organic fertilizer rich in bone meal for best results. Water in well and stand by for an explosion of color next spring. Now Is The Time …. in fact the only time to do this fun and exciting task. Our selection is full of new and exciting varieties as well as many Deer Resistant choices. Our Bearded Iris collection is the BEST ever! If you have children stop on by and we will give each of your children a FREE flower bulb along with simple planting instructions!!!

          If you have not yet planted garlic, shallots, as well as special Winter onion sets……. as John Wayne said…… Daylight is a wasting…. Now is the time before the ground freezes up… Selection is great. We even have Elephant Garlic (a member of the leek family). FREE planting handouts to guarantee better results…

          You might want to try some late sowings of spinach, lettuce, chard of herbs for “possible” early winter greens. We are still offering a few garden starts of these plants!!!

If you have a pond with fish don’t forget to start feeding your fish a wheat germ based food. High protein summer fish foods can cause serious problems with your valuable aquatic pets! Apply one of our many safe selections for the control of late season algae blooms.

          last but not least if you are looking for a little color to fill those empty summer planters you will still find a GREAT selection of fragrant violas, spectacular selections of colorful and frost resistant flowering Cabbage and Kale. Dwarf ornamental grasses and durable plants of Dusty Miller. Mix and match as well as take advantage of some fantastic sales….. We have some “close out deals” on trees, shrubs, perennials, and hardy roses… Hurry in for best selection!!!

Happy Fall Gardening ……

Redmond Greenhouse 

548-5418 Please visit my informational blog at for free info and specials

Listen to KBND 1110AM “Garden Talk” every Saturday 7-9 AM…

Local gardens… Local timely information with your host Doug Stott


Early Summer “To Do’s” for the garden and landscape

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

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Keep a close watch on spinach, Swiss chard, and beet greens for leaf miner damage…… you will see a deteriation of the leaf and will need to take action………… Repeat sprays of Spinosad should do the trick

Sow more seed of romaine to keep the salads coming…….. try covering the seed with peat moss of washed river sand….. the results should amaze you………..

If you would like a steady stream of crunch lettuce throughout the summer season….. try hanging a piece of shade cloth over portion of your garden….. this should cool things down and allow you to be successful in growing summer lettuce, peas, and more…… seed on

Potato beetles are out and about so make sure to observe  your foliage…. physically remove them or apply sprays of Spinosad….

Keep a close eye on your onions and other root crops for maggot damage…… an application of Cyanora should help with the problem….. the dust…. “Garden Pet and Livestock will also aid in the problem…. On a personnel side….. I worked Neem Seed Meal into my garden and  have had no problem….. I’m happy!

Appy organic compost around the garden as it will help suppress weeds as well as help hold in moisture… Wheat straw is also a great idea.

If you are looking to boost the performance of veggies, herbs, and or flowers you just might mix up a bucket or two of liquid Earth Juice “Grow”…….This will add a BIG push to the performance of all your plants……

Pinch or prune away spent blooms from your perennial garden as time permits….. Its well worth your time, plus you just might get some re-blooms on these plants

Keep a close eye on trees and shrubs for early summer insect damage….. problems can occur VERY quickly and cause BIG damage……

For those of you that have ponds and water features make sure you keep a bale, pellets, or liquid barley in your schedule of chores………….. Barley is known throughout the pond community as a GREAT preventer of Algae. Algaeway 5.4 by Microbe Lift seems to be the best product for safe and effective control of the green stuff……….. plus it helps control the NASTY string algea….. dang

and if you are wondering what the black leafed plant with the gorgeous pink blooms is….. Its an ornamental elderberry………….. whooooooo wooooo….. Real GREAT plant and tough as a barn nail….

Meanwhile out in the perennial garden if you see a collapse of your prized delphinium you may have a boring insect………….. a systemic drench should do the trick

Fairy ring in your lawn?…. sorry….. try applying Consan to the affected area….. don’t forget the sticker..

The Changing Seasons………….

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011

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As the seasons change and the Holidays approach…….. Just a quick note to remind you that Redmond Greenhouse is again offering our “Mail Order” Evergreen Wreath deal. A 20″-24″ hand tied mixed greens wreath, sprayed with our all natural preserver “Wilt-Proof”, add pine cones, Juniper Berries, a hand tied Red Velvet bow with Gold Trim, a special gift enclosure card (with your special message) all wrapped in festive Holiday Florist cello………. All this for just $34.99. PLUS we can ship them FedEx right from our business and the job is done and your gift list is fulfilled……………….. From business gift lists to friends and family this offering from Redmond Greenhouse makes it so easy and we are quite sure you will be left with a smile and a thank you from those who receive them………… Just give us a call or stop on by…. we are now taking orders and shipping has begun…..

                As in the past we will again be offering VERY Fresh-Cut Noble Fir trees starting the first week of December. Custom snow flocking plus other Holiday offerings…….

                Happy late fall, early winter………… the Holidays are here and we are ready to help you out!

Redmond Friday Market…….

Thursday, May 19th, 2011

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So excited as the opening day slides our way….. Friday May 27th from 3:00PM - 7:00PMFresh Veggies, Fruits, Berries, Herbs, Meat, Cheese, and so much more…. It is Central Oregon’s ONLY  totally volunteer Farmers Market…. Redmond Greenhouse will offer over half of our parking lot to this wonderful community minded event…… Live music plus a chief paring with one of the local Oregon vendors…… Hot Dang…… Hope you  can join us for the opening event…. Doug

Mothers Day Events at Redmond Greenhouse

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

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     Redmond Greenhouse and our full service Floral Shop are “Mothers Day” ready……. Our floral cooler is overflowing with a wonderful selection of fresh cut roses, lilies, Iris, Tulips, and fragrant colorful Stock…… If you would like us to send your Mom a delightful bouquet of flowers just drop us an email or give us a call (541-548-5418) and we would be please to help you out………. Down the street or out of state……… Redmond Greenhouse delivers………….. If you Mother is living local……… let us treat you to a Special viewing of our Special Mothers Day entries………. Hanging Baskets, Patio planters, Herb baskets, Roses, Rock Garden Flowers………….. the list goes on and on… Plus lots of fun and interesting garden decor… Perfect for that Special gift…………….. Happy Mothers Day Week…………. Doug

March……….. How wonderful it is…. ahhhhhhhhhh

Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

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     Time to dust off the shovel and think spring……….. We have lots of spring colors in our greenhouse that are just waiting to adorn you kitchen table or the entrance to your home….. Spring color just does a body good………. mind and soul……….. Not really a bad winter but when March rolls onto the calendar gardeners are just ready to go…

     Lots of new and exciting garden seed in plus we were able to secure a big seed rack from Seed Savers Exchange……. Heirloom Seeds……. wow.   I think you will be happy if you are an organic veggie and herb grower. I might advise that you get in early to secure your picks so as not to be dissapointed during the rush of the season… We will try to keep it re-stocked…. On a related note we have also secured several varieties of Oregon’s own… Nickols Seed… dang…… They also provide organic, natural, and heirloom seed.

     Looks to me that this will be another year of the “edibles”. Fruit trees, small berries, veggies, and lots of garden fresh herbs……… Oh my…. Our garden center is already loaded with many items with more on the way……we are ready for your visit… It is a GREAT time to plant with all this wonderful weather.

     Don’t forget that we still carry bulk potting soil as well as our popular organic compost….. Our selection of organic products is second to none……. Growing natural is our way

     Keep watching for and email concerning upcoming classes …. should be starting on March 19th….. 11:00-12:00… our Saturday morning in the garden series…. FREE of charge… call for details if you need and reserve seating.

     Happy March and hope to see you soon……… I’m down on my knees out in the garden… Praying for a wonderful spring……. Thanks for your time… Doug

Redmond Greenhouse      4101 S. Hwy. 97 Redmond Or 97756    541-548-5418

Friday Farmers Market

Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

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WHAT: Redmond Friday Farmer’s Market
WHERE: Redmond Greenhouse, 4101 S. Highway 97, Redmond, OR 97756; Mapquest link:
WHEN: Friday 3 - 7pm, Rain or Shine! Start Date: May 27th   End Date: October 7th
WHO: Vegetable and Ornamental Flower Growers; Beef, Lamb, Goat and Poultry Producers; Artisan Cheese and Bread Makers; Coffee/tea and other food prepared by on site vendors. There will not be any arts and crafts vending at this market.
HIGHLIGHTS: Weekly featured farmer paired with a local chef to demonstrate recipes and offer samples. We will also have live music.
Space Fee: $20 - $30 on a sliding scale. The fees will be used to pay musicians and help promote the market through t-shirts and other promotional materials. Fees will also be used towards any additional insurance cost the Redmond Greenhouses may have.
Who we are
A dynamic farmer’s market at the Redmond Greenhouses with the support of owner, Doug Stott, is being cultivated by Cher Sullivan of Cada Dia Cheese and community member Jaymie Exley.
Cher currently lives nearly off the grid in Prineville after relocating 2 years ago from New Mexico. She and husband Pat have been making artisan cheese for nearly 10 years. Cher is an accomplished banjo player and will be coordinating the musicians.
Jaymie lives in Redmond and brings the experience of vending poultry and pork at the Bend Farmer’s Markets and as a produce vendor in Vancouver, BC. She has worked on a variety farms from BC to Mexico and has been a long time loyal farmer’s market customer and advocate. Jaymie will be coordinating vendors and volunteers.
Doug, a Native Oregonian, is a familiar friendly face in the organic gardening arena. He host a weekly Saturday morning radio program on KBND and is a regular contributor on COTV with his program High Desert Gardening. Doug is providing the market site for free. However, additional insurance cost will be shared among the participating vendors. This should only be a few dollars and is currently being researched. Doug will also be promoting the market and our vendors through his many media channels.
Our Customer Base
We will, of course be drawing from Redmond residents as well as the outlying communities of Terrebonne, Tumalo and Powell Butte. Our other customers will include the many folks who work in Redmond and live in Bend. The location at the south end of the city is convenient for these commuters. Our hours also will serve them well.
We also anticipate folks visiting nearby Smith Rock to visit the market. Our research has indicted many of the climbers and campers there have been driving to Bend with the specific intention of going to the farmer’s market.
We will be set up to accept WIC and SNAP (also known as food stamps) to accommodate our low income community members.
The easy in-and-out of the location and our Friday afternoon/evening hours make it accessible for people heading to and from the area for the weekend.
What We Need From You
We are looking for commitment, collaboration and consistency. We’re looking to start strong and to give the market the feeling of a weekly upbeat event. We understand that we only get one chance to make a first impression with our customers. We have local chefs lined up who are willing and excited to partner with our producers. We also understand that if you aren’t making money it’s difficult to commit to showing up. Your long term commitment will help us create a win/win situation.
We also need a balanced number of type of producers. This means we need variety. We will be accepting our vendors in a way that does not lean to heavily on one type. Priority will be given to those who are willing to commit.
Our experience has taught us the consumer responds to abundance. We have many small vegetable producers in Central Oregon. And by small we mean they have a consistent limited quantity of a few items. For example, a few heads of lettuce, bunches of cilantro or carrots. These growers are a vital part of our community. We will be asking them to share space/partner with other growers who may have the same or similar product. We will show you how to display and inventory your product to avoid internal conflict and to ultimately have a profitable experience for all.
About the Sliding Scale
The space fee for any producer able to pay in advance will be $20. We greatly appreciate this as it will provide us with some funding outside of our own pockets to get promotional materials ordered.
We will also consider net sales as a decider for the fee. And will be depending on the integrity of the individual producer to determine what is fair.
Contact Info
: Please direct any questions, comments, or concerns to
We will respond within a day or two of receipt. If you need to speak with someone, please call Jaymie at 541-604-5156

Autumn Garden Chores for Cold Climates

Friday, October 15th, 2010

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The “to-do” list: 

Reduce watering of ALL landscape and garden plants by at least ¾. This will help them adjust to the next season… WINTER. It will also help bring the vibrant colors of fall to your yard


Plant seeds of spinach, chard, and lettuce of late season crops…. (I know it is a gamble but you just never know)  


Redmond Greenhouse still has stock of garlic, shallots, and onions for late fall planting. You will never have better tasting harvests if you like these crops!


Plant groupings of tulips, daffodils and crocus for next season’s colors. We still have a GREAT selection of Bearded Iris…. Many NEW re-bloomers if you desire


Apply our organic fertilizer “Cascade Natural” / Natures Intent” to your lawn for the “Best of Show” for your 2011 season. The microbes and mychorizae in our fertilizer plus the extensive list of individual ingredients make this particular lawn food possibly the best on the market!

, Apply organic “Cold Climate” blended fertilizer to all beds, borders, trees, and shrubs. Now is the time and we have plenty of bags to supply your needs


If you want to add that “extra touch” you may just want to join the growing number of folks who are applying our granular “Humic Acid” to all planting areas as well as a supplement to the lawn. This organic product helps make all nutrients available to your plants. Helps with thatch control as well. I used it in all my veggie beds this year and I think my yield was the best ever especially considering the unusual year! We sell it in bags and boxes. For a full description take a look at it on the internet…….. Dang what a product.


Vermiculite is the VERY BEST PRODUCT for storing bulbs of any kind. It is a little more expensive but I do believe it is worth it. You can use it over and over again. Remember…. Cool, Dark, Ventilated, and Frost Free!!!!!


If you still have root crops in the ground, you DON”T have to dig them…… just store them in the ground right where they are growing………. Just mulch them heavily (12”-24”) with wheat straw. This practice allows them Frost Free passage through the winter months but will allow you go out and dig them on any given day….. Bingo……. Fresh veggies with no hassle storage…. Double dang!!!!


Don’t like to can…………. Try using a dehydrator…. No muss, no fuss, and little energy used, plus easy storage….. A vacuum device works well to seal the bags…. They will last for years until opened. Remember….. Store them in a cool dark place….. Happy harvesting


Don’t forget to apply dormant sprays to your fruit trees, roses, Lilacs, cane berries, plus any other garden plant you have that had insect or disease problems this past season. The time is nearing for application time. We have lots of product in stock plus as always, helpful information to fill your personnel situation.


It would be wise to lay down your pruners at this time of the year. Pruning stimulates growth and this is NOT what you want to happen!!! The subsequent new growth will get hit hard by early fall frosts causing damage.


Evergreens can be pruned beginning the late fall season.


If you grew any rosemary this year you just might dig them up and pot them up for indoor use. They make a great plant and will continue to grow providing you with its tasty needles throughout the winter season. They will also bloom during the winter months which are a REAL winter treat!!!!


You just might want to consider buying a good grow light for the upcoming season. We have many in stock and they will allow you to continue growing some of your favorite herbs and veggies throughout the winter months inside your home. Swing by and we would be glad to share our knowledge about indoor growing. We also have some of the NEW LED light systems.


As soon as we have received many hard frosts you can mulch up your plants. To do so to early can cause big problems as it will trap soil heat in by the roots and the plants will still think it is okay to grow……. Ouch!!!!! As usual we have ample supply of hemlock (sliver less) mulch as well as our famous “weed & manure” free organic compost…. Bags, bales, and in bulk.


It would be wise to spray “winter sensitive” plants with “Wilt-Pruf”. A great product that will lessen the devastation of our dry winters and winds. It is an organic product that you simply spray on the likes of Rhodies, Japanese Maples, Roses, plus any other plant or tree you have winter injuries on in the past.


Oh……… and don’t forget………. Enjoy this late season……….. Jump in a leaf pile, eat a winter squash, and smile at those you meet…………… Happy Autumn….. Doug

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