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Seasonal Changes

Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Ahhhhhhhhh the seasons have changed again and with the change comes another exciting opportunity to peruse seasonal activities….. Tree and shrub planting, sowing seeds for new lawns and wildflowers, harvesting and processing late season veggies, sowing seeds and setting out transplants of cold hardy lettuce, kale, spinach peas, broccoli, as well as cloves of shallots, garlic and leeks, and this also offers the greatest time to plant fruit trees and berries.
Sure hope your season was a dandy. In my opinion this could have been one of the BEST growing seasons I have ever experienced……. FANTASTIC is all I can say and until a frost or freeze hits I shall continue to harvest from the garden.
If you have areas that are now clean of flowers, herbs, and veggies you may want to swing by and pick up some cover crop seed and get it sown as soon as possible. You never know when the cold weather will arrive now that we have entered the fall season. actively growing cover crops will continue to sustain the microbial activity in your soil and that is a GOOD thing.
If you need a little color for your faded summer planters and baskets we still have a pretty good selection of flowering Kale, Violas, ornamental grasses, and the likes…….. The summer has faded but the color does not need to end.
Enjoy this wonderful time of the year………….. doug

Monday, March 24th, 2014

Plants of the year:    Perennial- Panicum Virgatum “Northwind”   Herb- Artemisia Vegetable-Mascotte Bean Rose- Lady Marmalade

The “To-Do’s” Lister, plus other exciting ideas:

            Dormant sprays of horticultural oil (preventative sprays for the control of various insects as well as powdery mildew) as well as lime Sulfur (preventative for various diseases such as leaf curl, powdery mildew, and black spot) should be applied sometime during this time of the year. Spray the entire tree and surrounding ground any day the temperature us above 40 degrees and no chance of rain or snowfall. Possible trees and shrubs to spray include fruit, shade, and flowering trees, as well as cane berries, roses, and snowball bushes. The second application of these sprays should be applied just as buds begin to pop open.

            If you have had problems with your lilacs not blooming, it may be that you have a disease present. An application of liquid Copper Spray combined with a surfactant (Spreader Sticker) can also be applied during the dormant season (Jan. - Feb.). As with the dormant sprays you can reapply at bud break, even during the growing season.

            If you are wishing to obtain a little help with weed control this year, the window for applying granular pre-emergent’s is coming to a close. Products like our Treflan (Weed & Grass Preventer)and Corn Weed Blocker (an organic version) need to be applied BEFORE the nasty little buggers start to sprout. A thin layer of compost or bark mulch over the top of the granules really will improve performance and well worth the extra time involved. The later product may even be applied over the lawn to help control dandelions, clover, and chick-weed…… dang.

            If you are wishing to start a few garden seeds indoors this year there are a few rules you may want to follow. Use only clean sterilized containers, a specific soil-free seed starting soil, a heat mat or thermostatically controlled heat cables, a clear plastic grow dome to cover the seedling tray, and last but not least a GOOD grow light. We offer many variations including fluorescent, HP sodium, Metal Halide, as well as new energy efficient LED units. Check out my full article on seed starting at It is very important to follow a timing schedule to eliminate wasted seedlings.


As the season warms and early “budders” begin to show a little life it is sometimes fun to go out and collect a few branches for indoor forcing. Best time to bring them in is when buds show just a spot of bud-crack. Clipped off to early will result in poor performance or no color at all.

            Check to make sure that landscape plants under building eves, dense evergreen trees, and other areas where natural rain and snowfall can’t access, have adequate moisture in the soil. Once to twice a month applications will usually suffice in the winter and very early spring season. Dehydration is the number one cause of plant failures in our cold and dry High Desert area!

            There are always a lot of calls about pruning as the buds swell and we get a few off and on peeks at warm sunny weather, but I must say it is best not to prune at this time. You are apt to encounter running sap on many of the trees that is impossible to stop. Roses pruned to early will many times result in COMPLETE plant loss if we encounter another round of hard freezing. Pruning other deciduous plant material can result in poor spring flowering and additional twig dieback due to late frosts. If you still have evergreens in need of pruning you may proceed but you are running out of time to do this task.

            If you are going to shop for garden seed at local garden centers (and I thank for that) it is wise to get in there early while supplies are strong. With the recent increase in gardening many seed companies are struggling meeting buyers demands. On a site note if you plan on growing any legume (peas, beans, etc.) make sure to pick up a specific legume innoculant. This product will not only assist in germination and growth but increased vigor, number of blossoms, and subsequent fruit!

            If you are looking to fertilize you veggie and herb gardens I would highly recommend the application of granular organic “Cold Climate” fertilizer, plus the addition of granular “Humic Acid” and “Azomite” (a calcium rich micro with over 70 additional natural goodies). These three ingredients combined with a humus rich soil and you should be about ready to dive into the 2011 garden season. If you feel the need to add additional nutritional supplement you might want to take a look at a liquid organic fertilizer known as “Earth Juice”. There are multiple variations of this GREAT product including the likes of “Grow”, “Bloom”, and “Catalyst”. Mixed with water and poured over the top of your plants will give them a summer boost like no other!!! Dang…

            If you are contemplating building or buying a greenhouse, cold frame, or high tunnel,  Redmond greenhouse offers multiple glazing’s to cover your structure. From inexpensive UV Greenhouse plastic to dual layered laminates we carry just about any specialty product you might need plus all the expert advice to save you time and money. We also offer pre-built (local) as well as do-it yourself greenhouse kits. We even have pre-built Coldframes (the so-called “poor man’s” greenhouse).

            If you have not considered it yet, it is a wise gardener whom plants insectory seeds and plants to help lure in valuable pollinating insects. These little guys are not in vast supply due to our somewhat sterile environment. Fruit set is most certainly enhanced when sufficient quantities of pollinators are present. You might even consider becoming a keeper of honey bees!

            Happy Early Gardening………. Doug     PS: On a side note if you would like to receive additional info, coupons, specials, and other garden/landscape related info feel free to go to my blog and click on the newsletter link. Simply enter your email address and you are all set…………… Thank for your time………….. Here comes spring.


Early Spring

Monday, March 18th, 2013

By all accounts the weather is producing a VERY early start on spring…… As I was out wandering in the nursery today I noticed the “Hall’s” hardy almonds are just about to break bud….. (dang this is early). However as I survey the the warming situation I realize we already have in stock… Walla Walla sweet onion starts, dry onion sets (red/white/yellow), along with early veggie starts of Spinach, Lettuce, Romain, Kale, Swiss Chard, and the likes….. Even sold my first tomato plant……. and so it is the march to spring has begun…. We shall see how it turns out. Meanwhile out in the nursery we have a collection of one of the nicest and most complete fruit tree selections we have ever had…… I am hoping and anticipating this will be one of the BEST springs EVER…….. Here is to “HOPING”……. regards….. doug

PS: we also have our first arrivals of certified organic “Seed Potatoes”……. lots of fingerling varieties as well

The Autumn Garden

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Redmond Greenhouse will be offering a free class Saturday Sept. 24th from 11:00 to 12:00. Topic of discussion will center around the “Autumn Garden and Landscape”

The Winter Gardener……………… The Holiday Celebration

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

     Ahhhhhhhhhhh it has been a while since I sat down a offered a little garden chat…….. sorry about that… As I hit the keyboard of my new (yes my laptop hit the compost pile… dang) computer the winter season has quickly rolled up on the calendar…… a fair amount of snow, a little frost, and the gardens are all gone….. sorry to see them go, but I must admit I do love the four seasons…… San Diego is not an option in my real estate search………… Hope you all had time to apply dormant sprays and top dress your favorite garden plots……. Fertilizing can still be done if you are a user of our Cold Climate or Cascade Natural (Natures Intent) as the winter moisture will help carry it into the soil………… I must say a lot of you have been applying Corn Weed Blocker and or Treflan to help suppress your weed population throughout the garden and landscape…….. if you don’t get it down before the weeds germinate…..(and believe me they will even when its freezing cold) you will most definitely have something to do come the spring season….. dang….

     And on a holiday note don’t forget to slip out there and do a little pruning on some of our unique plants so as to have some material to make a handcrafted centerpiece of wreath… One for you and one for a special someone on your gift list……. Living trees seem to be pretty popular this year and we have a pretty good supply………… nothing to big but some very nice trees perfect for your “Green” Christmas tree……….. don’t forget to ask for a free tip sheet on caring for your “green” project….

     As in past years Redmond Greenhouse is offering lots of special Holiday traditions….. Fresh-Cut Noble fir trees up to 12′, our mail order wreath program ($29.99), poinsettias, amaryllis, paper white narcissus, some new and great blooming plants we call our “poinsettia alternatives (see the Bend Bulletin “New Home Living” for the complete article….. written by… yours truly) costume snow flocking of trees, wreaths and branches, plus lots of exciting gifts and decor………………. Hey hey………… Happy Holidays

Off and Growing

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

A little windy as the new day emerged on the first day of January but other than that the weather was wonderful. One chore I found myself doing was taking down a few holiday decorations and lights to store for another year. I also checked on my garden celery celery-stalks.jpgand found it still growing and doing well………. not bad considering it got as cold as it did. I don’t harvest it like traditional stalks of celery, I simply clip away at the bushy base and return to the kitchen with a handful of leafy stalky greens. Very tasty with stews and winter soups. I have also been able to continue harvest on some of my kitchen herbs that are planted in a rock garden close to the house……… my oh my they are so tasty. You might want to give a few a try sometime. Many including chives, parsley, thyme, and rosemary seem to do quite well if give the proper spot for winter protection. winter-squash.jpgStill enjoying my collection of winter squash that I grew this past summer. Just keeping them in a cool, dry, dark place and all is well. Won’t be long until its time to sow a few seeds……….. ahhhhhhhhhhh I can hardly wait. Hope this post finds you healthy, warm, and smiling…..

Gone in a flash….

Friday, August 15th, 2008

If the birds are giving you a hard time you just might want to give the product “Flash Tape’ a try. Many have found this inexpensive product works very well and much easier than traditional bird netting. Just cut small pieces of this flashy mylar tape and tie it on branches, fences or other sites. At Redmond Greenhouse we have sold this product for years with great consumer satisfaction……. Just might get an apple pie afterall…………. Doug

Spindle Tree ……. and the show goes on and on and on…

Monday, April 7th, 2008


The first time I saw this tree, I must say I was highly intrigued. This tough and very hardy mid-sized tree is just loaded with “extras”. Unique little blooms that cover the tree after it fills it’s barren dormant  branches with small elongated green leaves leaves. Easy to transplant and equaly easy to grow, this sometimes hard to find tree is worth the search. Great for small areas of interest or possibly even a larger container I don’t think you will be disapointed with it’s ever changing nature. Late season brings on the greatest excitement as the seed pods continue to develope. Their vibrant reddish orange pod will soon explode, revealing an inner core of intense lemon orange. My oh my…….. As shown in the picture they will be a standout and I am sure just about everyone who sees them will ask the typical ???????? WHAT IS THAT TREE!!! But wait…………… the show is not over……… the leaves will soon turn  a screaming bright red and orange so make sure you have your sunglasses close by. the pods will slowly loose their color but will retain the shell throughout the winter adding yet additional landscape excitement.

What else could I say. We do try to keep this hidden secret in inventory at Redmond Greenhouse. Prices usualy range from $50 to over $100.

Water Gardens

Sunday, March 9th, 2008

For those lucky gardeners that have a water feature, it may be time to do a little maintenance. Use a skimmer net to rid the pond of decaying leaves and debris.  Add fresh water to top off level. If you have fish make sure you don’t feed them until the water reaches at least 40 degrees. Use a wheat based food until early summer due to high protein content. Raise lowered water plants closer to the surface to hasten soil mass warming and dormancy break. Clean all mechanical features of your pond and waterfall. Apply a dose of Microbe-Lift “Spring” start-up to re-energize your microb base.